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The process of making a structure impervious to the ingress of water. This process is essential as it prevents water from penetrating your building structure and helps to keep the interior areas dry.


Adding a visual appeal, surface durability, chemical protection and pest protection. Providing a protective coating and a wonderful aesthetic appeal, enhancing the appearance of the structure.


Enhance the look of your home, A new floor can only add a touch of elegance to your home, but also a bit warmth, while cost-effective and long-lasting.


We use only the best aluminum products, which is commonly used for classing, pressings flashing, as it is manufactured to large sites and therefore requires fewer joints, making installation, time-efficient.


Renovate, Repair or Renew your home today with affordable remodeling. General Renovations done by certified professionals.

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We offer Welding services for various industries and applications. We pride ourselves on welding services of the highest quality standards. Our specialist welding service is renowned for its workmanship, and our facilities have a large range of procedures built up over many years. This enables us to undertake many critical tasks to suit almost every type of welding job.